New release: Kodama / Pan Double A Side

Blue Loop - Kodama / Pan double A side

Hello friends!

Excited to share that this December I’ll be releasing my first new music since 2020’s Grand Illusion EP.

Kodama / Pan is a double A side featuring two experimental tracks created in the depths of the Covid winter lockdown.

Named after the forest spirits of Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke, the first track Kodama is a meditative electronic soundscape, featuring cascading clarinet improvisations from the wonderful Rose Ford. It is glacial and expansive, and best served on your subbiest soundsystem.

Meanwhile, Pan marks my first foray into the world of Jungle/DnB. Whilst staying in Porto last year, I met street performer Lukas, who has been travelling Europe for over 8 years playing jungle-inspired rhythms on pots and pans. This track is built up from samples of his playing. This is the track I wanted to be losing myself to in a club whilst the world was closed: high octane, intricate beats and all-consuming synths. Hopefully we can all have a dance to it for real sometime soon.

Big thanks to Joy Stacey and Stephen Kerrison at Tall Trees audio mastering for their impeccable work on the mixes and masters respectively.

Kodama / Pan will be released on SpotifyBandcamp and all the various other streaming platforms on Friday 3rd December this year.

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